Lashes silk 0.15 mm / 0.20 mm


Curves C and D available.

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These eyelash extensions silk pur-poses one-by-one, high-quality, identical to the hair of a mink, they resist all kinds of weather, in fact it started to rain, the snow is that it makes hot or cold, at the beach or in the sauna, their curvature is permanent. It is insurance for your clients at a glance perfect for any occasion!
Ces extensions are attached to an adhesive tape so delicate, that you can remove easily for a quick application in any comfort.
Thanks to this format you gain in speed because the extensions are already positioned to be caught!
A great novelty on the market, and already available in our stores, boxes containing cilia rows in the lengths, curves and thickness in different

A box made of 16 line the lashes to store, very practical for work.

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